Village Homes is a seventy-acre subdivision located in the west part of Davis, California. It was designed to encourage both the development of a sense of community and the conservation of energy and natural resources.

This web site provides a way for Village Homes residents to expand our community interactions.

  • If you are a new resident please Register here.
  • The VHA Board meeting minutes are posted on the Documents page.
  • To make a reservation for the Oakenshield Room, Community Center, Fire Pit or Gazebo, go to Reservations and select the amenity you want. On the reservation calendar click on date and time and compete the form, filling in all areas. The reservation will be pending until confirmed by the office. The required documentation, and deposit if applicable, must be submitted prior to confirmation.
  • Be sure to check the Calendar for upcoming events, or submit a community event and let everyone know about it.
  • For social sharing use Nextdoor Village Homes

Pool locked changed back to key.

Swimming Pool is open for the season
Water is cool until the pipe to the solar panels is repaired.  While pool is covered hours are 7:30-9pm, except MWF pool servicing may not be done until 8:30am.  Your key from last year will open the gate.

June calendar in brief

Friday, June 2, 4-6pm Village Chess Club in the Community Center

Sunday, June 4, 9-11am Communi-tea at the Amphitheater

Tuesday, June 6, 6;30pm Hort Committee meeting at the Gazebo

Friday, June 9, 4-6pm Village Chess Club in the Community Center, waiting to confirm summer hiatus dates

Tuesday, June 13, 6:30pm VHA Board of Directors meeting at Community Center and via Zoom, meeting Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84498654128?pwd=OWhyZkhMVEZwSkZhUmxVV1ZCdHlSdz09

Thursday, June 15, 5pm, Third Thursday Potluck in the Community Center

Friday, June 16, 4-6pm Village Chess Club in the Community Center, may be on summer hiatus

Saturday, June 17 11am-1:30pm Village Dance returns in the Community Center

Monday, June 19 Office closed staff off for Federal Holiday Juneteenth

Thursday, June 22, ARB applications due in the office to be included on the agenda for the June 28 ARB review meeting.

Sunday, May 28, 9-10am, Work Party, half-moons north of the Big Green

Tuesday, June 27, 7pm Performers’ Circle in the Community Center

Wednesday, June 28, 7pm ARB Review meeting via Zoom, meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87582633518?pwd=MkxnSkN2WExKQm9oOStPTGhNcGtnQT09

Village Homes Emergency Water Conservation Measures Respond to New State Regulation that Prohibits Watering of Ornamental Turf

VHA Board Resolution

In response, on June 14, 2022, the Village Homes Board voted unanimously to adopt the following two emergency water conservation measures:

1) Among VHA-maintained common areas, Parque Grande, Parque Chico, and the grass near the VH pool will continue to be irrigated on a minimal irrigation schedule. Watering of all other greenbelt and common area turf will be stopped, including both those watered by VHA-supplied water as well as resident-supplied city water.

2) Require, and enforce the requirement, that timers must be used when connecting to VHA-supplied water sources in both common areas and community gardens.

See additional information, select Documents in left menu, go to the Water Conservation section

August 20, 2021

Common Area Water -  2 days a week Starts Sept 20, 2021

Dear Homeowners & Residents,

During this extreme drought and in effort to achieve a 15% reduction in Common Area water use, the board would like to try turning off common area water except during the periods:

Turn on Monday 6 pm - 9 am Tuesday
And Thursday 6 pm - 9 am Friday 

This will be an efficient way to avoid daytime use which is very wasteful and allow us to experiment with having just two days a week to water. 

VHA Board of Directors
Claire, Jen, Josh, Sue & Yoni

Community Center is avail to rent 7 days a week.  See Reservations in the left menu to see when the Community Center or other VHA amenities are available.  Information about the different locations is found under Amenities in the left menu.

Pictures from September 18, 2022 Harvest Dinner enjoyed by many.
Yoni Dayan made a slideshow of pictures from the event, click > this link < to view.

Sharing opportunity
Village In Action

As many of you know, there have been a number of attempts over the years to inspire our community to work more collaboratively. It may have taken however, the insidious coronavirus pandemic to move us into gear. The hope and vision of Village In Action (a group of Village Homes residents), has always been to unite our values-neighbors of community connection with our loving compassion to help one another stay in their homes for as long as they wish to, and are able. In these times, our Village’s motto “Live-In-Peace,” takes on special meaning. 

Shortly, Village In Action will introduce a project we’re calling Village Homes Match. Its purpose is to pair seniors and others at risk during this time of sheltering-in-place with healthy volunteers. These volunteers can help with such things as picking up groceries, prescriptions and meals; going for socially-distant walks; etc. They would also check in every couple of days to see if their “match” needs anything else.

Village Homes Match will allow many of us the great relief of not having to go it alone. As a Village, as neighbors, we can offer so much help to one another, benefiting us all.

Village In Action has produced a website - www.villagehomesaction.com - allowing volunteer-neighbors sign up to help, and people at risk to request assistance.

There will also be flyers posted in kiosks.

Take care everyone!

The Village In Action team, Renee Dryfoos, Steve Ekstrom, Gregory Guss, Scarlet Huber, Denise Peach and Do Tromp


No "Claw" pick-up until May 4
After that there is no additional street pick-up until Oct 19 of this year.
Please see the following note from City of Davis

Yard material piles cannot be placed on the street more than 7 days in advance of the pick-up date.  Do not place green waste piles in VHA orchards, green belts or park areas.  Calendars and maps are available at DavisRecycling.org.

 More information about yard material collection is available on the city’s website: https://www.cityofdavis.org/city-hall/public-works-utilities-and-operations/solid-waste-and-recycling/yard-material-collection

Community Garden Plots
Looking for a garden plot?  Check with one of the garden coordinators:
North Garden Coordinator vacant, interim is Denise Peach at denisepeach@mac.com
South Garden Coordinator John Morgan at jtmorgan406@gmail.com

The VHA member directory is posted here: Directory
To update your information or if you find errors in the directory, please notify the VHA office so the corrections can be made.

VHA Safety Walk
The Board believes that conducting the safety walk annually is not enough to ensure ongoing compliance. The Safety Walk is now conducted quarterly.  Any Community Member that is interested in participating in the Safety Walk should contact Emily in the office.

Architectural Review Board (ARB)
The 2022 Updated ARB Policy was passed by the VHA Board of Directors on July 20, 2022. It is now posted on this website. It can be located by selecting Documents and then looking under the category HOA. ARB review meetings will be the 4th Wednesday of the month at 7pm currently by Zoom. To be included on the meeting agenda, ARB applications must be submitted to the office by Thursday prior to the meeting. Agenda is posted Friday prior to the meeting. Community members are welcome to attend if they have a concern about a project. The ARB Committee is: Al Colombano, Vincent Fox, Yvonne Hunter, Michael Kleinman, and Board member Stan Robinson.

Pictures from September 18, 2022 Harvest Dinner enjoyed by many.
Yoni Dayan made a slideshow of pictures from the event, click > this link < to view.

Village Homes Tree Map - not working at this time :(

December 21, 2018 Winter Solstice celebration with full moon:

For questions about Village Homes or the Village Homeowners' Association, please contact Emily Amy the general manager, a VHA board member, or members of the appropriate committee. If you find incorrect information posted on this site or have any questions about the web site, please e-mail villagehomes.manager@gmail.com

Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8:30am-3:30pm
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